Cut Shorter

Only a day after my last post we were informed that the show was going on a hiatus, as studio execs felt the script needed "work".  The official word is that its only for a couple weeks, and then it'll be back up and running.  My colleagues that left for Vancouver just a week ago (packed up their lives and moved up there) now must return home - but can leave their things if they wish - production will maintain the offices and their living spaces - which is very nice of them, as that is not always the case.  Non-union personnel in LA were laid-off immediately.  Union members get a one week notice before being let go, as per our contract.

I'm not happy about leaving even earlier - I could use the pay - but at least I'm only out a week's work.  I hope the others are not kept hanging for too long.  If the hiatus lingers on, people could decide to leave for other projects.

It just got a lot quieter around here, and there are a lot of sad faces.  As we don't know if anything we've worked on so far will still be in the movie, we'll just tidy up what we have, and put it on our server.  Hopefully all the work we've done isn't for naught.

Always an adventure in the film biz.  We'll see what happens.