Discarded Art

Just got word that much of what we had designed for the film may now either be repurposed for the action in the new script, or is no is longer needed.  Sounds like only one of the sets I worked on may still make it into the movie.  This is very sad for me, but its not an unusual circumstance.  We often joke that we could make a whole other movie with the set designs we've created that never got built - or never made it into the final cut.  

The Production Designer I was working with has joked that we could make a book called Discarded Art.  Could make a good book, indeed.  Even showing how the sets we did build evolved - from conception to completion - could be an interesting read.  Most of what we create evolves as the script and action are refined, the build schedules and costs are estimated, and debated, and the meetings with the Director and other department heads progress.  It seems rare that the first thing conceived is actually what is built and shot, but the heart of it is there.

That latter idea of a book on the evolution of sets would be a much more likely project, as we tend to hold on to all those unused designs - we might be able to use them in some form on another project...!  A good idea, is a good idea, after all - and should not be wasted.