Poker Face

There can be occasions (very happy ones, indeed) when I receive multiple job offers to choose from - this can be very reassuring and uplifting.  Its nice to be wanted, and to have options!  But we are not always the one who gets to make the final decision in the matter.  There are many players and circumstances involved, and the old adage "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" often comes to mind.  

Right now, a designer whom I adore, and have worked for a number of times, is up for another big film - and I would very much like to work with him on it.  While we're talking I've also begun to get more calls and offers.  I can either turn these other offers down, or "let them ride" - tell them I have one project pending already, but allow for the possibility that it could fold, and then have something in reserve, and be available for that.  The one thing I DON'T want to do is simply turn everything else down.  In addition, what I want to be honest with those I speak to about joining a show - its just not that big a business - and we all talk.  Yes, we do.  And the truth always finds its way out.  Play it straight.

What I most often find, is that, in the end, its all up to fate.  For no matter how excited I am about a show, or how hard I lobby to get on it, fate will decide FOR ME, not always because of me.  One by one, the options can disappear (for a variety of reasons), and I can be left with a single show to "choose from".  I like to think of this circumstance as being the one I was supposed to do anyway.  And most often I find out at some later date that it was also the best one for me.  I find out only some time later why it was the best one.  Often it ends up teaching me something I needed to know for the next one!

This past month emails have been flying, phones have been ringing, and the rumor mill is churning.  As each film gets crewed-up, the rest get more frantic to find qualified people.  This can certainly work in your favor, maybe even allow for you to get that bit of a raise you've been hoping for, but if you don't act fast, and definitively, you can lose it all.  Its kind of like playing a hand of poker.  So, I've got one good face card right now, I've thrown a few others away, and am now being dealt my final hand.  I'll be betting on (and hoping for) that initial face card to pay off - we'll see. In the meantime, I'll keep my poker face on.